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Our bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in our home. We spend a great deal of time in them preparing for our day, during the day for quick touch-ups and in the evening to wash away the day’s stress and tension. The lighting we choose for our bathrooms is essential for creating just the right atmosphere in this multi-tasking room. When considering pendant lighting fixture options, think about the overall look and style of the bathroom in which you are installing the ceiling light fixtures. Whether it is a flush or semi-flush ceiling mount, it should compliment the décor of your bathroom and at the same time provide the proper lighting.



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For smaller bathrooms, consider light fixtures on a smaller scale. More spacious bathrooms can accommodate larger and more ornate fixtures. A smaller bathroom lighting ideas might only require one or two light fixtures, whereas a larger bathroom space might need several ceiling light fixtures. No matter what style of ceiling lighting you choose, it should fit the overall look of the bathroom and add to the ambiance. Some examples of master bathroom design ideas using ceiling lighting fixtures available for your bathroom would be recessed lighting fixtures, flush-mounted, semi-flush mounted, fixtures for chandeliers, monorail lighting or energy-efficient ceiling light fixtures.



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Thankfully, they come in styles that will accentuate and beautify just about any décor. Their styles can be anything from rustic, Tiffany, traditional, trendy and stylish, Victorian, very conventional, or tropical, to name a few. Installing a dimmer on your ceiling light fixtures might be a consideration since there are many tasks for which a bathroom is used. Shaving, brushing teeth, applying makeup, styling hair, reading, relaxing, and showering are simply a few of the things we do in our bathrooms. Each activity requires a different level of light. For relaxing in a bath, soft light would be welcomed. Always search for those bathroom vanity lights choices that will maximize the efficiency of the light bulbs and highlight your unique bathroom décor. Last, but not least, don’t forget to consider color, finish and height from the floor when installing your bathroom ceiling light fixture.


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For shaving, flossing our teeth or for the times we need to clean the bathroom, a brighter level of light would be desired. Indirect lighting fixtures would be a welcome choice in a bathroom with a lot of counter space and a large, reflective floor space. The indirect light will help reduce the glare on the eyes and the visual fatigue that can develop when someone is constantly in direct lighting. Just like the design made for kitchen lights, its an important consideration when choosing a ceiling light is to determine how much the fixture will diffuse or disperse into space. If the fixture is beautiful, but isn’t efficient, will absorb too much of the light, or won’t take light bulbs that will sufficiently light up your space, then you are wasting your money.


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When thinking about a planning a diy bathroom remodeling project, there are many things to consider. One of the most important items you will need is light fixtures. Keep in mind there will be differences in your project depending on if you are working with an existing home or a brand new home. If you are remodeling an existing home, your lighting requirements for bathroom light fixtures may be different than if you are building a new home. For instance, in an existing home, there will likely be elements in place that dictate the basic style of bathroom vanity you need to choose. Or there could be a decorating style across the rest of your home that you want to continue into the bathroom.


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