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Begin by browsing our bathroom ideas photo gallery to help you get started with an extensive colorful database of free design ideas and layouts. Learn how to decorate a small or large floor layout to make it appear larger. There should be no one room in the house that is taken for granted in terms of design. Even the bathroom deserves something more than just white, boring tiles in them. Here are some ideas that you can use to brighten up your bathroom. Eco-friendly design. If there is a design that will be a really good idea, it will be one that makes sure that you are using eco-friendly items. First, reduce the use of energy, specifically electricity. For this do it yourself design reason, furniture for the bathroom is importantly designed that can make sure that you take advantage of natural light whenever it is available.



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You may install lots of windows inside your bathroom. But, for more privacy, making light come into the room from the roof is a better idea. Also, do make sure that you save water. You may still have trouble lighting a bathroom with regular bath fixtures in your bath design plan. However, you can use smaller ones so that you get to maximize the water that comes out. Lastly, adding plants inside the room will make it look and feel fresher. Cottage style. Another bathroom design that is famous among those who are interested in recreating their bathroom cottage design. For this, you can install artifacts which will serve as bathroom accessories.



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Your bath vanity can also complement the whole design by having vanities that are made from wood and is of a neutral color. The color brown is a good idea.The floor can be made of tiles. In order to make it more relevant to the theme of the room, mosaic tiles will be the best to have. You may also add simple carpets that are of the same color as most parts of the room. Rustic design. For this bathroom design, one element that you will mostly use is wood. You can make use of large pieces of logs to line the bathroom walls. Of course, your bath vanities can be made of wood. Furthermore, the lighting for the room should be subdued or have a yellowish tone.


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This way, you are able to complement the natural colors of the wooden fixtures present in the room. Stones may also work well with the rustic feel. You can use these for the flooring or for the wall. Modern design. For a modern design, you just need to ensure that the room looks clean and that there are not too many furniture and accessories present in the room. You do not necessarily have to use smaller sized furniture, although it would help. Choose no more than 2 colors to use. Of course, you can use lighter or darker shades of these colors. Luxury bathroom design. Then, you can also have a luxury bathroom.


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What you need will include glass and a color scheme for the whole room. The use of a lot of glass and mirrors can make the room larger. This is best for small bathrooms. You may also use wood for the fixtures. The room's lighting also needs to be thought of well. You can use small spot lights and corner lights to make sure that the room is well lighted. To complete the luxurious feel, choose and air freshener or scented candle that will infuse the right fragrance.


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