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Especially in the early morning, the master bathroom can be as chaotic as peak traffic of people rushing here and there in the busy streets of New York. The scene can range from impatient partners waiting to ugly fights over the pettiest of things. To imagine, there's only the two of you. As always, homeowners realize that home improvement is the solution and in this instance, a master bathroom remodeling for his and hers. This article explores the possibilities when it comes to creating a station for him and her in the master bath with tips ideal whether you are in Long Island, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, or Brooklyn. This article focusses on building a home design plan starting with bath remodeling ideas and free pictures.



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How to design a master bathroom layout with bathtub remodeling ideas, pictures and remodeling plans. Though arrangements can be made on who uses which first, clashes in routine is inevitable. This strips away the privacy, comfort and relaxation in every experience when using the master bathroom. To be able to accommodate both yours and your partner's every need without having to sacrifice the other one's needs a master bathroom remodeling tuned to creating a space for each of the couple would be beneficial. Though the project is for 'his and hers' individual stations, it is important that harmony is preserved. Discuss things first between yourselves before sharing the details with your hired contractor.



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As the goal is to make the master bath accommodate both the couple, each opinion should be integrated in the plan. Be your most innovative and creative in finding ways to coordinating the masculine and feminine tastes and preferences. Adding his and hers vanity can be the easiest means of creating a personal station for each of the couple. This can be achieved by either having one large vanity and mirrors for the bathroom, offering a clean look with storage for two. This bathroom design style will create a room for both when grooming together or having two separate vanities that gives enough space for both him and her. The vanity or vanities can be custom-made for a more personal touch but if budget is an issue, buying readily made is quite easy with the wide range of models that vanities now come in.


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A shower or tub for two is not only an intimate option but practical and functional choice as well. Practical in the sense that a shower or tub model that can accommodate two eats up less space than when adding two separate ones. Choosing whether to go for a tub, shower or both depends on the preferences and budget of the couple. To add spice to bathing, spa-like features like rainhead showers with body sprays and whirlpool tubs would work wonderfully with your master bathroom remodeling project. Bathing together is intimate and mostly appealing to couples but when nature calls and you both need to use the toilet, giving in would be impossible.


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This makes giving way to his and hers toilets just practical in your master bathroom remodeling project. Though this would require a considerable addition in the works and costs, the result would definitely pay off. Lights have been long used to set a mood to any room. Picking the right bathroom light requires a little taste though. To achieve a good lighting effect to your bathroom, you can either hire a bathroom light designer or you can simply adapt any popular bathroom lighting techniques such as layering. One general tip when upgrading your bathroom lighting is to make sure that the lights match the theme of the design.


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