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Modern bathrooms are all about what you do with the space you have. Within many bathrooms there is little room to work with, so making the most of the space is essential. This is why fitted bathroom suites are now so popular. How many of us have had a bathroom with a cluttered airing cupboard? With the modern bathroom there's no need to cram your toiletries, towels and cleaning fluids around the boiler. Having bath furniture made to measure is one of the most practical design solutions when remodeling the bathroom. With fitted bathroom vanity cabinets & storage units, you'll have all the space you need.



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When examining modern bathroom design, wall-hung furniture has to get a mention. White gloss will never go out of fashion, but more recently furniture finishes such as wenge, beech and maple have made a real emergence in popularity. As well as the furniture and bathroom counter ideas, wall-hung sanitary ware is a great space-saving solution while giving the bathroom a contemporary feel. Also, concealed cistern units are a more eye-pleasing look than the standard close-coupled toilet. Showerbaths are a great practical way of optimizing the space, so that you have the comfort of both bathing and showering. Walk-in showers are also very popular in the modern bathroom, and if buying a shower enclosure for the modern bathroom choose one with a chrome structure over white.



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Chrome and stainless steel are the ultimate choice in the modern bathroom, and taps and bath mixers are available in a number of contemporary designs, rather than the traditional style faucets. Also, choose chrome towel rails over standard white radiators, as well as matching chrome accessories. Don't be afraid to decorate with bold colours when tiling or painting, getting the contrast right with the chrome and the gloss. If using curtains be subtle with the designs and colours, but preferably go for stylish roller blinds. Check out our large selection of modern bathroom faucets to find the best design for your new custom bathroom.


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Are you planning to upgrade or to renovate your bathroom? If yes, read this article to know the latest bathroom designs in the market. Our bathroom is one important area of our house which needs all the care and attention to make it presentable and beautiful. It is where we spend lots of time cleaning, pampering and relaxing before we go to work, to school and to bed. It is considered our private sanctuary where we rejuvenate and where we relax after a stressful and tedious day. Since it is the most visited area of the house, it is just proper to make it presentable, sanitary, modern and multi-functional not only for family members, but also for visiting friends and relatives.


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At present, bathrooms become more high tech, stylish and multifunctional. To meet the growing needs and demands of consumers, bath and shower manufacturers invented state-of-the art fixtures aimed at bringing convenience, comfort and style to homeowners. During the design process, many interior designers failed to furnish our bath and shower area with the right fixtures, but with little effort we can improve it to make it more pleasing and to achieve a unique style that we can be proud of. There are no specific rules on how we can beautify our bathroom, but with our creative skills, resourcefulness and right bath and shower fixtures, we can decorate the area efficiently. We can emulate and can get inspirations from the top 10 modern ecological friendly bathrooms.


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