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Ever walked past someone's garden and been so enraptured by the front yard that you hardly registered what the house looked like? In these days of the difficult-to-shift property market, that is the kind of garden you want. Front yards that have appeal may draw a buyer into your home. If they like the way you have finished your yard - they may think that they will like the way you have finished your home. Japanese gardens are traditionally ruled by Zen philosophy. Each feature has a deeper representation which you can ponder on, once you are aware of them. Browse through our free photo gallery of water gardens and incorporate our best inground pool designs to make the perfect backyard landscape setting.


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These ideas for your own Japanese front yard will be discussed in two parts. There are several factors of this look that can be touched on to create an unusual garden. In an abstract way, the qualities that the gardens are representing are peace and tranquility, and in Zen philosophy, this is created by simplicity. When you're landscaping a garden design plan and walk your creativity through your Japanese Zen area each day, you may even absorb some of the peace embedded in the Zen philosophy. With an asian water garden design, the relaxing ambiance that encourages meditation can be achieved by placing a bamboo or rattan chair plus a small table near a wall, or in front of a lattice fence.



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If your garden is in a hot part of the country, group the seats under a tree or parasol. With Japanese water garden design styles, think of combining the best pool and landscape design ideas int one beautiful backyard layout. Stillness is the key word here. Two other abstract notions suggested in a Zen garden are represented physically by a focal point that is not placed centrally, and secondly, a 'window' to a hidden part in your garden. This can be represented by a piece of tall, latticed fence work, or a tree with shrubs around, or a pagoda, or even simply a bench that is partly concealed. This 'hide and reveal' theme is suggestive of the quest for human enlightenment and it also offers privacy. You may wish to incorporate your seating here for that reason.


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With our best pool designs and landscaping ideas, the introduction of something tall lends itself to the look of the Japanese water garden pond. Western gardens tend to be larger and boast a flat expanse of lawn; Japanese homes usually have tiny gardens. They tend to be more vertical, and tall shrubs will often be placed to hide the house from the street. For an inexpensive focal point, you can dig a bed and put a bamboo or a red Japanese maple (miniature or full size) plus other plants in it. The bamboo bushes and trees will live in most mild North American areas, though you may have to 'cover it' in severe frosts. A very large cactus or groupings of cacti will also make an interesting focal point.


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Smaller beds can be dug in across the yard. The center of the yard is deliberately left empty, and a lack of symmetry is desired. This reflects the lack of perfection in the world! For some authentic Japanese atmosphere, one tall and one shorter black lantern can be well placed along your winding (never straight!) pathway, or sometimes peeking out from amongst a selection of shrubs and plants.




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