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Many people own Koi fish for thier backyard garden and ponds as part of their landscape design plan. Koi ponds instill beauty and tranquility in any setting, if they are taken care of properly. Nothing could be worse than looking into a pond expecting to see a dazzling array of bright and beautifully colored fish only to instead see a murky dark and stagnant body of water. The proper care of Koi pond water is essential for a clear and healthy pond and healthy and strong fish as well.



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Many people make the mistake of thinking that taking care of Koi pond water is the same as taking care of swimming pool water. This is not the case. Chlorinated water, while vital for swimming pools, will harm or even kill Koi fish, so great care must be taken to eliminate any chlorine in the water you add to your pond. While chlorine will dissipate usually over the course of 24 to 48 hours, by that time it can already kill most of the beneficial bacteria in the water needed to keep it clean. To enhance the overall garden design of your koi pond, check out our large photo gallery of outdoor water fountains to add beauty to your landscape.



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If you are adding water from your hose to fill your pond, spray it in with your thumb over the hose to help aerate and dissipate the chlorinated water. You must be careful as well if your pond is in the direct line of runoff from streams or rainwater. Acidic rain can harm the plant life and fish in your pond so take care to notice the signs of this occurring. Browning of the leaves around lily pads and foam that is collecting near the bank is a sure sign that your pH levels are way off. You want to shoot for pH levels between six and 8.5. If your pH level is too low then adding some common baking soda can do the trick. High pH levels can be combated using a commercial lime neutralizer. Before you learn how to build a koi water pond, browse through our extensive list of best water garden supplies and backyard design ideas to get ready for the winter.


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Some of the other common problems that can harm the health and clarity of the koi water are those that a good water filter can take care of on a regular basis. The first is fish waste. Because an asian water garden pond is so small, fish waste can build up and be harmful or even fatal to your Koi fish. Koi pond water will benefit from the use of a pump to move water through a quality filter removing the solid waste. In addition, the biological component of a Koi pond water filter includes bacteria which will remove additional waste byproducts that can be hazardous as well. In addition, sticks, leaves, and other small debris will be removed by these Koi pond water filters.


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So, as you can see maintaining healthy Koi pond water takes a little bit more work than just adding water and putting in the fish, but if you take the time to make sure your mini ecosystem remains healthy, then crystal clear Koi pond water and extremely happy Koi fish will be your reward. Sodium thiosulfate can be added to the water in a solution of about one drop per gallon of water in your pond.


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