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About Laminate Floors

Well-made laminate floors will last for many years of even heavy use. They come in a variety of styles and costs to suit any budget. Knowing how they are made and how much value they will add to your home or business helps you determine what kind of laminate is right for you, and how to get the best quality for your money.


Laminate Floors - Well-Made or Bargain-Priced?

People assume that a cheap laminate floor must be of poor quality. While this is not always true, it is important to know how any bargain-priced laminate floor is made and how it is rated. After all, a bargain floor is no bargain if it falls apart or fails to hold up under the stress of everyday use.

Laminate Floors - Construction and Durability

This is why it is crucial to examine the construction and durability of any laminate floor you are considering. Ask your local or online dealer about the construction method. Laminate floors are made of layers, glued together under high pressure. Generally, a fiberboard core is sandwiched between laminate saturated with melamine. Floors that are glued in a two-step process tend to be more expensive to make and more durable than those glued only once during the construction process.


Laminate Floors - Abrasion Class

AC (Abrasion Class) ratings measure wear resistance in laminate floors. The scale goes from A1 for light duty to A5 for commercial applications. An A1 floor would be suitable for a bedroom while an A3 is ideal for a kitchen or any residential space that gets a lot of wear. Floors with a melamine outer coating are very durable, and better laminate floors also tend to look more realistic.

Laminate Floors- Big Value, Small Cost

One of the advantages to laminate flooring is its cost-effectiveness. For significantly less than hardwood or tile, you can get a durable floor that is easy to install and maintain. And, unlike vinyl or linoleum, laminate floors add value to your home or business. When you install a high-quality laminate floor, you are eliminating much of the maintenance associated with hardwood. This is a feature that is much appreciated by potential buyers, for instance.

Laminate Floor Installation

Laminate floors do not require sanding or refinishing, and there is no need to hire professional installers. For relatively little cost, you can have a good quality floor that is both attractive and valuable. Do your homework and make sure that the flooring you choose is the best quality you can afford. You will be rewarded with lasting beauty for years to come.


Features of Laminate Floors

The salient features of laminate flooring are that it can be installed easily, is affordable compared to hardwood flooring and yet at the same time imparts the hardwood look by giving a beautiful glow and earthy, elegant feel to your home. Due to these reasons, people in the US are resorting to it in large numbers whereas earlier its popularity was restricted to Europe.

How Laminate Floors are Made

Before we proceed further, let us glean some information about the way laminate flooring is made. Aluminum oxide is what provides the solid surface to laminate floors. These floors are usually made of three to four layers of synthetic material. The great thing about laminate flooring is that on the basis of your personal preferences, you can go for the look you want- be it stone or the wooden look. The reason is that they come in a variety of designs and colors. The bottom layer of the flooring is made of high-density fiberboard or water particles. This is done with a view to avoid harm to the flooring and increase its strength or sturdiness.


Money Savings with Laminate Floors

If you are looking to save a significant sum of money and are also equipped with basic carpentry skills, all you need is to install the laminate floorings yourself. Even if you are a total ignoramus with your skills as a carpenter, do not despair as some laminate flooring companies provide useful videos and others give detailed instructions on how to install the flooring. These floors come in the form of planks or tiles that can be stuck onto any surface with the help of a special glue. There are certain modern floors for which even glue is not required as the laminate flooring or tiles can be stuck to each other. In other words, you need not worry about nails and hammers and the resultant damage therein. So, installation is an easily manageable process.

Laminate Floors - Easy and Quick Installation

You could even install laminate flooring on a weekend when you have the leisure time to do what you want. This means that you do not have to bother with appointments for contractors. All in all, you save not only money but a lot of time with the installation of laminate flooring. Apart from the easy installation method, a large number of people prefer it over hardwood flooring because of the customization facilities it enables. As a wide range of designs and colors are available in laminate flooring, you can match it with any furniture or decor of your choice. In addition, the easy maintenance and cost are added features.


Laiminate Floors - Moisture Problem

All you need to be careful about is moisture. This is because cracks can be formed if the flooring is exposed to moisture. Certain precautions like cleaning the laminate flooring with cleaners that are specially conditioned will keep your floors looking brand new and glossy. So, if you aspire for exotic flooring with a cozy and warm look, go to the nearest reliable hardware store and get the laminate flooring that you desire.

Article Source & Arthur: Elizabeth Hrusch

Article Source & Arthur: Adam Peters

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