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The use of stone products has become very popular in recent patio landscape designs due to their attractiveness, versatility and the fact that they are available almost everywhere. Stone landscaping products are used in many areas in a landscape design including patios, lawn pathways, decks in pools, frames, columns, foundations for cottages, gazebos, porches and other concrete structures. The use of stone landscaping products brings life to a garden. Now that you're ready to do it yourself, go through our gallery of free landscaping pictures to help you find the best design ideas for your backyard.



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You can use our ideas for landscape design to make stepping stones along the pathway, create small mountain-like structures and you can even use them to decorate walls and along the garden. It all depends on your imagination how you can creatively incorporate stones in your landscape. However, the overall effect of using stones will depend on the creativity of the diy landscape designer. Since the variety of stone landscaping products is wide, it is not difficult to pick a stone that will suit your specific needs in designing your garden. You will surely find one or more pieces that will match the style and theme of your landscape design ideas. All that is needed is careful study of the design and the area that will be landscaped.



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You need to clearly identify what structures included in the backyard landscape layout can be enhanced by stone landscaping products. Browse through our large free photo gallery with pictures of landscape ideas to help you choose plants, trees, and stone designs with the right features. For instance, stones with dark colors may not be the best choice in shaded or dark areas but, instead, brightly colored ones that can brighten the area. The shape of the stone is also important to consider. For example, stones that will be used in steps should be flat with a coarse surface so it will be easy to walk on but not slippery when wet. Stones that will be placed in sitting and dining areas should also be level and not pointy so that the tables and chairs will not tilt.


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Most free landscape software downloads include several templates with nice rock and stone layout designs. Good stone landscaping products can be purchased online but, sometimes, the landscaping stones that you need are already within your garden. Try to check if you have some good stone pieces in your own yard so you can save yourself some money. On the other hand, if you do need to buy rock stone landscaping products it will be best to do some research first and check out some designs online. Also, you can learn more about choosing and using these products by asking assistance from a landscaping professional.


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Stones come in different shapes, sizes and colors to add a wonderful accent to a yard or a lawn. There are hundreds of options in designing a landscape using stone products.


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