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Swimming Pool Season is coming up. Its time for a lot of us to get our start-up chemicals ordered. To open up our pools, and see how they faired over the winter season. A lot of warmer climate swimming pool owners may be starting right now. Start planning your new backyard landscape design by sorting through our free photo gallery of inground pools. Some of us need to wait a little bit longer as it is still to cold. If you don't have an Above Ground Swimming Pool, and have been thinking about getting one, now is the time. Installing your own Ground Swimming Pool can be accomplished by the DIY, providing you follow some simple guidelines. As always follow the manufactures instructions that you get with our Pool Kit.



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After making sure where you want to place your pool, insuring adequate space around the entire pool, the most important thing to do is to make sure the ground where the pool is to be placed is level. Most of us don't know how to use or have access to a transom, so you can use an 8ft 2x4 and a level. To help you build above ground pool decks in your backyard, sort through our pictures of design ideas to find the right custom fit for your house. Make sure the 2x4 is as straight as can be, or it will mess up your measurements. The bottom structure of the pool has bottom tracks that are joined together by connecting plates. Underneath each plate position and bury a patio block measuring 12"x12"x 1" thick, making sure block is level with the ground, for stability.



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Do not bring in dirt to level anything out at this point, because it is best to have the foundation of your pool sit on virgin soil. This type of soil has had time to pack-down and it is what's needed to ensure your pool doesn't shift once it is filled with water. Once you have the rings and plate in place, you can start to construct the walls. As you run the walls around the bottom track, you can install the upper zones to help with wall stability, making sure you install the uprights around the sided of the pool, (if you are installing an oval pool). What are the best pool cleaners for both above ground and inground home swimming pools?


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Your walls are up and secure, then add the sand in the center. Only use fine sifted sand because if you don't, you will feel every rock or stone as you walk across your pool, or may run the risk of puncturing your liner. Two inches of sand is required on the floor with six inches along where the floor meets the wall. To make it a lot easier, install quarter inch polypropylene foam mat on the bottom after the sand is in. This is so when it is time to install your Pool Liner, you will not have any problems with footprints in the sand, underneath the liner. Find the best diy pool designs to custom fit your backyard deck design plan or build a new 3D patio layout.


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Now that you are finished with the sand, it is time to install the Liner. Drop it in and secure it to the walls. May pools still use the overlap liner which is easy to install. As the name implies, the Pool Liner overlaps the top of the wall and is secured with plastic clips. Then over that you place your pool ledge. Another type is a J beak liner, which has built in hooks on the top edge of the liner. These liner types are characterized by beautiful patterns on the top edge. Either type of Above Ground Pool Liner is fine and works well. Be sure to research our list of best pool filters and pumps to ensure you have no leaks or malfunctions this summer.

These are just a few guidelines to installing your own Aboveground Swimming Pool. Please make sure you read the manufactures instructions very carefully that are included in your Above Ground Pool Kit. Once installed, you will be able to enjoy any years of fun swimming with family, friends and loved ones.


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