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The French and country style, which is so popular in interior decoration nowadays, makes one think of the idyllic warm spring and summer days in the French countryside where nature is unspoilt and extremely welcoming. There are several elements that can bring the French country air into a home but there is room for imagination if you are not afraid to experiment. If you are one of those who adore this style and have not yet started to build the country home of your dreams, you may get professional help to devise a genuinely-looking French country house on the outside in every detail: stone walls, a typical stone path leading to the door, a rustic roof, shuttered windows and matching garden furniture.



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Do not forget to place as many buckets and baskets of flowers round the house as well as flower boxes at the windows. The interior of the home will not be difficult to decide upon, judging by the availability of furniture and accessories in French and country style, in both real and virtual world. If you browse the web for French country style ideas, you will come across a wide variety of furniture items, made of natural materials and designed to brilliantly  resemble the old French style that has enchanted us for centuries. Soft gold, sunny yellow, orange, burnt rust and red, the bright green of the spring grass as well as soft ocean hues must be present in a house like that.



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The full spectrum of interior design colors may be used to create the bright atmosphere of the typical French and country house, in a variety of designs and motifs, from the plain kitchen table to the intricately carved living-room buffet, with curved panels and beautiful hand decorations. You can choose a fabulous design for the stone fireplace, which is absolutely vital to the atmosphere of a room and the type of flooring that you consider appropriate: stone, wooden, brick or clay. You may then add a round or oval carpet to contrast with the plaster walls and the dark wooden rails. Living room curtain designs with lamps and lamp shades have a significant influence upon the whole. Candles in rusted iron stands are also popular.


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You will find a series of beautifully designed accessories for each kind of room in online stores, whether you are after functionality or just beauty. You may adorn the walls with a couple of dark wall art paintings or the traditional French Toile. Either will give the perfect final touch to your French and country rooms. Generally colors used for Country French decor are mainly the ones that are derived from the outdoors and in addition to the standard lavenders together with gold, some actually choose to use diluted blue and dark green along with a deep red knowing that each one definitely helps to give you a fashionable and also an informal appearance. Choosing reds as well as greens will help to perk up the room, though for a neutral outcome you could choose gray or perhaps black.


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Viewed as a romantic interior decorating style and design, Country French decor also has been showcased in all of the very popular decorating magazines during the last several years. Although French Country interior decor came from very humble origins, a number of trendy interior designers have fallen deeply in love with it and even insist upon including Country French in their own homes. As part of your product selection, you'll discover bathroom Country French decor, your dining room, your bedroom and even your kitchen. Discover French country design iron accent furnishings, typical Country French design metal and iron wall decorations as well as beautiful French country pottery decorative accents for old world, Mediterranean French Country style decor.


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