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Have you ever thought of how dull and boring would be our lives without colors? Well, if that thought has ever crossed your mind then imagine your living room without colors. Indoor lighting ideas and design colors are very important at the time of decorating a living room. If you paint your living room walls in light and neutral shades then you will have many more options at the time of choosing the furniture for your room. Another advantage of doing so is that it will be easier to change furniture in the future should you wish to redecorate again and you will not have to change the color scheme.



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One thing you must think of is how you are going to have your floor. A very charming look for the living room is to have waxed hardwood floors. If this is not the type you like most, then you can go for a neutral color carpet and decorate it with a large attractive area rug in the center or use several smaller area rugs in the seating areas. If you already have the furniture in neutral colors and don't want to spend money on buying new one, then a good idea to add color to your living room is to buy decorative cushions. Or even better, you can do them yourself! This way you will be able to choose the fabric you like most and the exact colors you want for your living room.



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Cushions not only add the color the room needs but also create a very inviting and comfortable feeling. Choosing cushions in colors that match or complement your area rug can make the room look beautifully put together. If your living room is of big dimensions and it is used for different purposes you can use room dividers to separate the areas for the different activities you do. Another important thing to consider in your living room is the lighting. You should have general light and diffused light, so floor lamps are highly recommended. To give a romantic touch to your living room you can add candles to your decoration. Nowadays there are plenty of choices and you can find candles in all sizes, shapes, scents and colors.


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Arrange your furniture so the sofas and armchairs face a determined focal point in the room, such as the TV set, a fireplace if you have one or the view of your garden. If you are decorating your living room from scratch and have not bought your furniture yet, it is advisable to measure the room carefully and buy the furnishings according to this. Remember, a room that looks too crowded because the furniture is too big does not provide a comfortable feeling and it will not be easy to relax in. On the other hand if your furniture is too small or too little for your living room you may feel a sort of "emptiness". The last tip we can offer you is that, when buying your furniture for the living room, try to buy pieces of furniture that are functional. Look for furniture that will have some sort of space for storage or a sofa bed that will be very useful if you don't have a guest room in the house.


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