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If you have a small living room, chances are you also have small furniture and fixtures to match. But this doesn't have to be your final resort if you do have a small living room. Designing a small living room may be a challenge, but it is quite fulfilling when you see the finished product of a small living room design that fits your small space and lifestyle. Use lighter shades of green, blue and yellow for your living room walls. These lighter colors or pastels help open up the room and give it a more airy feel. If you want a cozier feel to your living room, use darker shades of red, blue and brown.



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To help further open up the room, use mirrors and glass table tops. Mirrors reflect light and give the illusion of a larger room. Make sure that the mirror reflects a view or an ornamental item to enhance the room. Use glass table tops to give your small living room an open feel, rather than using hard wood table that further shrinks the room. Avoid using heavily printed upholstery for your seating and sofa. Use light, monochromatic colors that match. Avoid mix and match of colors as well, as it makes the room look smaller and tight. Use light gauzy and filmy fabrics for your window treatments. These fabrics let natural light pass through and adds more personality to your living room.



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Do not overdo and avoid using heavily printed fabrics in a small living room design. If you want to buy accessories for a living room, choose the items that will compliment your furniture and fixture. And make sure these items are also functional to help you keep the room spacey and clutter-free. Choose the right-sized fixtures and accessories. Do not over-decorate your small living room; instead, look for items that will help make the room look bigger. Choose reflective items such as a good-sized glass-top coffee table, a wall mirror and a few functional items that add style and class to your small living room design.


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Even though your living room is less spacious, it does not mean you cannot have the same to notch styles and designs found in homes with large living rooms. After all, it's still going to be used for activities such as entertainment, relaxation and holding gatherings, the same activities that are held in big living rooms. These days, there are many interesting designs that you can use to decorate it. Remember the interior design style you choose should be one that you like and at the same time should make it look cozy. As you may already know, making your small living room appear larger is the first step in your decoration efforts.


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Make sure the room is not cluttered since clutter significantly reduces space. Most modernized designs are ideal for this purpose as they enhance space in the living area by reducing the number of items battling for space. The color scheme you choose for your room should also complement your efforts of creating space. There are certain colors which when used on the walls make the room appear more spacious. Many people suggest that you should only use light colors in it. However, you can use other colors and still get the desired effect. For those who prefer deep colors you can use the monochromatic decorating theme and still make the room appear spacious. You can also use a decoration theme whereby all the colors have equal brightness levels.


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