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Porch and patio serve different purposes. A porch welcomes the guest and gives visitors the first impression of your home. A patio serves as a place to rest and relax, and makes a venue for dining, entertainment, and other outdoor activities. Begin your patio design layout by identifying the purposes of the areas. Unlike designing the interior of the house which is limited to the 4 walls of the room, designing the porch and patio is more complicated as you have the outdoors environment to consider. But taking these 6 important design elements into account, constructing your patio porch design is made easier.



Design a Plan


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A particular theme sets the final look for them. Before moving on to the construction plan, make sure that you have a identified and drawn specific theme to your design. There are lots of options for their patio covers and canopies - aluminum patio covers, arbors, awnings, corrugated metal roof, gazebos, offset umbrellas, pergolas, sail shades, traditional roof, trees, trellis, and umbrellas. Your choice should basically be between the protection from the sun and rain. Covers may be a permanent construction or movable covers. Depending on the theme or design you have, their flooring options widely vary. Learn how to build a patio awning layout with free design ideas, plans, and pictures.



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Prices also range from cheap to outrageously expensive using stamped concrete patio designs. Some may last for a couple of years while others can last for a very long time. Popular choice for porch floorings are wood, tile, concrete, and brick while patio stone flooring options are stone veneer, plain concrete, concrete pavers, brick, tile, stamped and colored concrete, and flagstone. When choosing what flooring to use, consider your budget, durability, and the overall appeal of the material. Picking the right furniture for them should be based on comfort, purpose, and theme of the design. Basic types of porch furniture are tables (laminate top or glass top) and chairs. For patio furniture, you have swing, rocker, garden bench, and chaise lounge. Choose furniture made from wicker furniture, aluminum, iron, wrought iron, rattan, and wood (teak and cedar). One tip: Start with the basics and add new pieces over time.


Outside Design


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Multi-color palettes add life to the design. If you want to achieve a slight transition from the interior to the patio and porch, use the color you have on the walls of your interior. Finally, depending on your taste, add a special feature to your design. Some of your options are fountains, waterfalls, hot tubs, outdoor fire pit, and mini pool.Love breezes? Unlike traditional double-hung windows that only open half way, there are 4-track screen porch windows that open 75% of the way. Wonderful for breezes and enjoying the view. What is so neat about these porch screen windows is that they are made of a transparent vinyl instead of glass. So there is no problem with glass breaking or shattering. And they even come in several tints for protecting your porch from the sun.


How to Build



If you have some DIY experience, then you could install these screen porch panels yourself. Or you can hire a contractor to do the same. But either way, a solution like screened porch panels can be much more affordable than having a traditional room addition or custom screened porch built. What about year round enjoyment? Combination porch screen / window combinations make the best of both worlds. When open you get to enjoy the fresh air breezes when temperatures are mild. When closed, you are protected from the rain and snow. And of course, you stay dry and warmer. Consider enclosing your porch and examine all of the options: A room addition, a screened porch kit or screen porch windows that are flexible to meet your needs. Each has its own merit. Each allows you to enjoy your porch, patio and deck to the maximum.


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